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"That’s the problem with being strong - people think they can say or do anything to you and you’re gonna still be standing, sturdy like a rock. People think that you’re never going to be sad, people think that you’re never going need them to be there for you, people expect you to be there for them round the clock even though you have your own battles to fight. That’s the problem with being strong."

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Real-life sfx and a break from the everyday city noise. *cricket cricket* #home #weekend

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Lógos (“Word,” “Reason”)

Is there any reason for living? It was the question posed for the first week of "Holehearted" series and it can’t come at any better time. The highlight for me was Pastor Job’s explanation of John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” As soon as he gets to the etymology, the passage had a whole new meaning to it.

Just a few weeks back, I am all consumed of how mundane and trivial things can be. My new work is quite demanding and I am so focused on not falling behind. More than once, my brain suggests that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Clearly, it was not a reassuring thought. I am so absorbed with achieving success and meeting daily life demands that all I see is monotony. I’m well aware I shouldn’t let the thoughts of failure and shortcomings to meet people’s expectations get into my head but they find their ways. And they stay. With a head fully occupied with work and my egocentricity, obviously I’ll miss the point.

"What is the point?" I asked. Because the second I became too engrossed with myself, when I left Him out of the picture, I forgot. My achievements aren’t purely from my own efforts but His grace. My job is not my true provider, He is. My employer is not my ultimate boss, He is. My faults do not define my worth, He does. My life is not my own but His. The reason was, is and will always be Him. Blaise Pascal once said, "There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus." Unless I found a way of sticking that in my head then I might as well chase the wind than figure out everything because at least the wind is here. The reason for everything? Well, the answer is not of this world.

Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity. (Eccl 1:2, ESV)

I’m not saying that you slack off, forget about work and just wait for Christ’s return. Realize that we are also designed to excel and be a reflector of His character. I’m just saying there’s more to life than our daily grind and personal satisfaction. And it’s something I have to remind myself of more often.

I’ve always tried to be logical and rational, like I can’t let things be just be. Even with God, I try to reason out. But with Him, answers for ‘why’ seldom comes into view. Or at least it’s just impossible for my view to catch up. He’ll throw me ‘what’ then tells me ‘when.’ If I’m obedient enough then in that moment, where I am is where I should be. It’s just a matter of ‘how’ I will allow things to be: my way or His. I guess the next time I want to get a hold of a reason for something, I already have this pretty straight up answer from the book of John:


It is absurd, almost comical, to consult a bicycle maker when it is operating cars that you wanted to find out about. It’s possible you get some answers. Only they’re not the finest. You, then, as His masterpiece, where do you seek your purpose?


More Facts on Psychofacts :)

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)

"Supposing there was no intelligence behind the universe, no creative mind. In that case, nobody designed my brain for the purpose of thinking. It is merely that when the atoms inside my skull happen, for physical or chemical reasons, to arrange themselves in a certain way, this gives me, as a by-product, the sensation I call thought. But, if so, how can I trust my own thinking to be true? It’s like upsetting a milk jug and hoping that the way it splashes itself will give you a map of London. But if I can’t trust my own thinking, of course I can’t trust the arguments leading to Atheism, and therefore have no reason to be an Atheist, or anything else. Unless I believe in God, I cannot believe in thought: so I can never use thought to disbelieve in God."

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Dear C.S.Lewis, thank you for put it into words. Love, me.

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I used to hate sleeping because it’s just like being unconscious for eight hours but now I love sleep because it’s just like being unconscious for eight hours

Spot on.

Manong driver’s shirt. John 17:3.

Manong driver’s shirt. John 17:3.